The Williamsburg Lawyers (TWL)¬†along with Rich Rizk of Geddy, Harris, Franck and Hickman¬†have filed a Five Million Dollar defamation and malicious prosecution lawsuit against a William and Mary student who claimed that she was raped by our client, another William and Mary student, after an evening... Continue reading »
Last year the Williamsburg Lawyers (TWL) settled a tragic wrongful death case arising out of the use of machinery. The Defendant was a defunct Corporation. With no assets, the Corporation was judgment proof except for its commercial liability insurance coverage. It was critical to establish insuranc... Continue reading »
As we previously reported, the Defendants in our truck injury case were held accountable for spoliation of evidence. Sanctions imposed prohibited them from using their original expert and both faced the prospect of an adverse jury instruction against them for the spoliation. After a sizable settleme... Continue reading »
We previously blogged about our trucking case (along with Rich Rizk of Geddy, Harris, Franck and Hickman, LLP) and the favorable spoliation decision we obtained in pre-trial motions. That decision has now helped push one of the Defendants to settle with our client for their role causing his injuries... Continue reading »
This week the Senate and House of Delegates both signed an amendment to the child custody and visitation statute which now requires the Judge to set forth his/her findings regarding the relevant statutory factors for determining the best interest of the children. Previously, the law just required th... Continue reading »